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What's an acceptable score on the level test to move up?


I just got a 50% on the intermediate level test. Does that mean I know half the content and I’m pretty good or is that 50% more like an F :/:/:


i guess if you can listen to the upper level and interact and answer the exercises that would be fine, it is how you feel about your self more than just the exams, also its about challenging your self and pushing the limits. did you move from elementary to intermediate? if so how did you do it? did you finish the 50 lessons and then did the level test and moved up, or started listening from time to time to intermediate.


I was originally studying for the HSK 5 but have been using Chinesepod now and then because I think the vocabis more interesting on this site.

I do usually do the upper intermediate lessons, but actually I think all the levels have vocab that is new and useful to me. I just choose the upper intermediate becuase I can finish them in what I consder a reasonable amount of time.

But I’m curious what level chinesepod would officially put me at


Are you learning to read Chinese characters as well? Since you are studying HSK 5 I would assume you are but thought I would check. I can’t really say how the CPod test lines up with the HSK but there was another user that made a great post that listed CPod lessons according to HSK levels.

I believe that it only goes to HSK 3 so far but you can at least review some of the lessons listed under HSK 3 to see if you can read through that content without any problems and keep checking this post in the future as more content is added.


List for HSK4 is available now as well although it seems my website is currently unreachable. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. All of these dialogues might be too easy though if you’re at HSK5 level.


It really depends on you’re individual goals and ability. For example because there is a huge gap between my listening abilities and my reading abilities, my test results may suggest that I am ready to move up a level but I when listening to intermediate level podcasts they are too advanced for me. You may also find that you feel like you’d rather be able to move on and learn more advanced ways to talk about topics you are already familiar with, than learn more vocab at the same level on topics you are never likely to use. Just because you move up a level however doesn’t mean you can’t still use the lower levels if you see a video that covers vocab you are interested in. Plus we all benefit from going back to the basics from time to time. Sometimes I feel i’d be bored listening to a whole newbie lesson, and that its not an effective use of my time - in that case I do what i call a ‘speed lesson’, where i just listen to the dialogue and then read through the dialogue and expansion sentences (saving the few new words of vocab i’m interested in).