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What's the difference between 雨映 and 映雨?

I posted this question a couple of days ago, but it must have gotten lost somewhere. :confused:

Anyway, when I was first learning, I found that “Rebecca” is a little difficult to pronounce in Chinese. After talking with friends, I selected the name “雨映”. The first Chinese character I ever learned to write was 雨, so it has sentimental value. (I learned it from Sesame Street when I was still in elementary school. Haha. :grin:)

I’ve been using the full name 凤雨映 for awhile now, but it was just recently suggested to me that 映雨 makes more sense. So, it would be super awesome if someone more knowledgeable could tell me: What exactly is the difference between 雨映 and 映雨, and should it affect my Chinese name? Thanks so much! :heart:

Hi Rebecca,

Your name is so poetic! I do not think there is necessarily a “meaning” difference due to order. 雨映 appears in a number of ancient poetry. And then 雨映 was used in a poem made by a famous Song poet 蘇東坡 and this poem could be read in reverse and 映雨 appeared. So I don’t know if that was the “origin” of 映雨, but this is one of the connections I can share for now!

Thanks for posting, and sorry it took us so long to get back to you!