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What's the difference between 雨映 and 映雨?

When I started learning, it was suggested to me that “Rebecca” is a difficult name to say in Chinese. So, I talked with some friends, and eventually choose the name “雨映”. 雨 was the first character I ever learned to write (Many many years ago, as a child… From Sesame Street. Haha.) So, it had special significance. I’ve been going by the full name 凤雨映 in Chinese, but someone recently mentioned that they think 映雨 makes more sense. It would be awesome if someone could tell me: What exactly is the difference between 雨映 and 映雨? And should that affect my Chinese name?

From the perspective of meaning, there isn’t any difference between 雨映 and 映雨. You can just choose the one which you prefer the pronunciation. Although the pronunciation of 映雨 sounds very similar to 英语 (English), I prefer 凤雨映, it’s a good name, very romantic. :)))

I prefer 雨映 too, sounds like a character from a romance novel:)