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WHERE ARE Daily life courses, vocab desks and dictionary?


Hi,thanks for the new app, but I cannot find all these nice features on the new app. I liked them a lot on the first version. Are they gone or is it just me cannot find them?

Also I still see the pricing difference between a basic subscription and a premium one, but if these features are not in the app anymore, then I don’t understand the difference between Basic and Premium.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


I’m afraid neither of these features are currently on the new version of the app just yet since it’s a version 1.

However, we already have a Decks app on the Play store if you would like to view your flashcards and study them with SRS. The link is here:

And if you would like to keep using the previous Android app, you can find the APK on our support site here:


Thank you very much, that is very helpful. Will continue using the old version until the new one has these features. I find it so convenient to have it all in one: vocab decks, flashcards, dictionnary and of course all the lessons. Also I feel more confident to follow a “course” of lessons that have been pre organized. At least for very beginners like me it gives a direction to go on how to pick lessons. :wink:
thakns again!