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Where are the Courses

When I first setup my account I went to courses and there were no courses yet. On that screen there was an option to search courses. That took me to pre-packaged courses. For example, a marketing course that had 10 lessons loaded in it. Now I cannot find the course search again. I also do not know how to tag lessons and access them later.

Hi there! If you go to your dashboard and click ‘Playlists’ underneath ‘Levels’ on the left sidebar you should get to the courses you are looking for. You will see lots of square white cards titled with names of courses/ playlists such as HSK1, all the way to intermediate, Chinese weddings, etc. If you would like to save a course so you can access it later, click the small star in the upper right hand corner of the white card belonging to the course you’re interested in. When you refresh the page, you will see it starred under ‘My courses and playlists’ at the top of the page.

There is a search feature at the top of the page but here’s a link to the marketing playlist: