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Where are you watching your drama?

just a small question in order to know where are you watching your drama?
I’m using:

  • drama fever : only in english (im french) but that’s fine, there have a good choice of drama
  • Viki : with english or french subtitle (or else). My favorite :slightly_smiling:
  • CCTV

But I don’t find everything… And honestly, I’m starting to be feedup with drama series! The scenarists had a huge trouble in their life! The stories are everytime pretty sad!
(and the eternal amnesia… -_-)

So I’m looking for something else also! Documentary, suspense, historic etc… everything but no more drama!!!

PS : do you think it is possible to find series with pinyin subtitle???

i use youtube mostly. but thanks for the pointers

Viki is fantastic, that’s usually what I use too watch my Chinese TV dramas because the subtitles are very well done.

Here is some FREE Chinese movie and document that you can watch, they have subtitles in both English and Chinese.

Jackie Chan —— Dragon Blade

A Bite of China (Season1) 01 Gift of Nature

Just some recommendations, you can find more on the website.

A bite of China is fantastic, I watched both seasons on YouTube. After watching them I had a big desire to go and travel around China eating all the delicious food.


I love Horror Movies especially Asian ones. This site is free but use some caution. A few links try to get you to download a player so don’t do it.

(If any of you do not have AD BLOCKER I highly suggest you get it. It makes your life so much better when all Google and Spam Ads are blocked.)

Americans have NOTHING on Horror compared to Asia in general. Amazingly scary Movies from Thailand, Japan and Korea and China. I am a hard core Horror fan and some of these Movies have completely freaked me out! LOL

Asian Culture is far more steeped in the concept of Ghosts etc. than American. Culturally and Spiritually.

You won’t be sleeping tonight. heheheheheheh

For ALL CHINESE Movies this site is GREAT.

The Virtuous Queen of Han Series is fab.

Millions of Chinese Movies on this Site, Enjoy!

I really enjoy a bite of china, and it’s exactly what i’m looking for! This kind of documentaries!