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Where do I go to download videos from ChinesePod YouTube account?

I was very excited to see that ChinesePod has been uploading new content to YouTube. I enjoyed watching these videos, especially the Chengyu Stories series.

I’m having trouble finding many of these great videos on the ChinesePod website, which I pay a monthly fee to access. Can someone help me navigate to these videos, so I can take advantage of the features that are included in my monthly subscription (such as downloading video files, exercises, and expansion sentences)?

On the other hand, if most of the content is going to be available exclusively on YouTube for free going forward, it will definitely help with my budget! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

There is usually a lag, sometimes considerable, between the time of posting videos to YouTube and putting them up on the ChinesePod website. After the video production is finished they may release it to YouTube, but all of the premium features that paying customers get such as pdf files and exercises may not have been done at the time of publishing the video on YouTube.

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Hello, that’s a very good question. Actually the shorter videos such as Chengyu stories series will not be published on the platform because they are not considered full ChinesePod lessons. On the other hand, we do publish the full lessons on youtube first and then on the website. However, the lessons on youtube do not come with downloadable resources, exercises, and the videos will not be up there for a long time.

Thanks for your response, Becca. I’m sorry to hear this. I understand that the ChinesePod team may not have enough staff capacity to create vocabulary lists, etc. for all of their shorter lessons, but I would at least hope that all ChinesePod content would be findable in a central place and available for download. I think the idea that I now have to search in two completely different places for ChinesePod content is a little frustrating. This is something I will have to keep in mind when considering whether or not to renew my subscription.

Actually if you consider the “old dashboard” of ChinesePod there are three places that you have to search to find all the content. Quite a treasure trove of content is still there:

Do you know that there is also a Chengyu series of five “full lessons” that you can access on the main site as well?