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Where is the App for Chinese Pod,I paid money!!!

Chinesepod: 我打一个问号??我2015年11月问了苹果iPhone的ChinesePod App软件为什么动不动死机了。你们给我一个Links上边解释的你们尽快会重新修改这App。但是到今天2016年二月没有任何变化,我把我老的App已经灭了。所以我要下载一个新的ChinesePod App 但是App Store说没有! 请解释?!Premium含这个Tool,我付过钱,怎么办3月多!!!!

Hi there ruishiredbird. Have you tried contacting our customer service agents? Our site is and the direct email is

By using this, your complaint goes to the correct department.

I have let our agents know about your disappointment and someone will contact you shortly. In the meantime, please refrain from writing on lesson pages about account issues.