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Where is the old-dashboard ?


I love to download sounds and sentences. It was told in another topic that it was possible to keep using that function in the old dashboard but today it’s impossible to switch it. Can anyone help?



You can switch to the old dashboard here:

Hope this helps!

It does not work, Becca!

I am trying to click “Old Dashboard”, but it redirects me to the same (new dashboard) page.

Please please please, I really need the old dictionary features (you can see which exact lessons contain a certain word/expression and the whole example sentences).


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Hmm that is very strange. Have you tried cleaning your cookies or log out and log back in?
Here is the link to the old version of dictionary. I tried this page on an incognito window and it worked, let me know if this still does not work for you!


I am also having troubles of getting redirected to the new dashboard which I really dislike. I need to make a decision about renewing my ChinesePod annual subscription. Could you reassure me that you will not discontinue the old dashboard.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi Earls,

So far we have no plans to discontinue the old dashboard, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible if we do. If you still have trouble getting to the old dashboard, try logging in with this link:
And please let me know if it’s still not working.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any academic support, I’ll be happy to help!


I would like to understand whether essential features and accesses of the “Old” dashboard are continued in the “New” dashboard. I’m considering details like accessing the RSS-feed of bookmarked lessons which is an essential detail in listening with a podcast-app.
Or to access via “More” the “Library List” which gives better flexibility in selecting episodes. Or the possibility to download the dialogues or PDFs in the left-side menu of the episodes.
At moment the “New” dashboard looks more like a very simplified version of a dashboard without all needed (or up to now provided) functions.


Thank you for the feedback! You can download the dialogue audio, lesson audio, vocabulary review and pdf materials (in simplified and traditional characters) in the download tab. As far as I know, the RSS-feed and library list are not available on the new dashboard but we’re constantly adding new features and we’re open to any feedback and suggestion. Please do let us know what other functions in the old dashboard you would like to see on the new one as well.