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Which one to use? Nín or nǐ?

I would like to know which one (nín or nǐ) is generally acceptable to Chinese? Do some people feel embarrassed if nín or nǐ is used?

Hi Philips,

We use 你 [nǐ] a lot more in Chinese. 您 [nín] is a form of 你 [nǐ] that implies a high degree of respect. We usually only hear 您 [nín] when employees are talking to VIP guests. Since 您 [nín] is a very formal pronoun, most people would feel awkward being called that unless in the right scenario.
I hope this answers your question!

Will it be wrong if I use 你 [nǐ] talking to VIP guest? Can give some scenario that I can correctly use 您 [nín]? Thanks

Hi Eddie,

It would not be wrong but if it’s your job to talk to a VIP guest, I still suggest you use 您. Mostly, we use 您 when we are talking or writing an email to our guests or supervisors. For example,

  • 服务生:您要点什么?
    [fúwù shēng: Nín yàodiǎn shénme?]
    A waiter: What do you want to order?

  • 员工:老板,您有事找我?
    [Yuángōng: Lǎobǎn, nín yǒushì zhǎo wǒ?]
    A employee: Boss, are you looking for me?

  • 经理:陈老板,您好,您请坐。
    [Jīnglǐ: Chén lǎobǎn, nín hǎo, nín qǐng zuò.]
    A manager: Mr. Chen, hi. Have a sear.

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