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Why can't I just listen to one lesson after another?


Why can’t I just listen to one lesson after another? For some reason it’s not playing one lesson simultaneously after another. So either I’m a total idiot or you don’t know what the word playlist means.


I’m not aware that there is any way to have the lessons in one of the ChinesePod “playlists” play sequentially automatically, either in the app or on the web site. You would have to curate your own playlist in iTunes or some such to do that. Unfortunately I can’t give you specifics, but you might want to look at some of Elijah’s posts on how he studied ChinesePod lessons using iTunes. I agree with you that the use of the term “playlist” is confusing in this case. They should have just been called “lesson collections” or something like that.


Hi dazpetty, thanks for taking the time to write in about this. You are correct, we currently don’t have an auto-play feature. This is because our lessons are designed to be supplemented by the study materials. The lessons will sink in much better if you do some memory recall or revision activities afterwards, such as going through vocab flashcards or filling out the multiple choice questions. We suggest that you take the time to study for each lesson before moving on to the next one, and auto-play wouldn’t allow this. (To access the study materials click the vocab, grammar, extension, and exercise tabs under the lesson player.)

However, it is still useful to collect lessons on the same topic so that we have a way to organise our large lesson library. This is why we have playlists. Our apologies that the name implies an auto-play feature which we don’t actually have. We also call them courses, and perhaps we can move towards more using this term rather than playlists.

Is there anything else you have questions about?