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Why can't I use my subscription? credit card update


I have had a subscription for a long time but my credit card failed on November 9th. Apparently it was my new credit card, but anyway, I updated the information but I still have to wait till December 9th before I can use Chinesepod again, because there is no way to get the system to take the payment now.

I phoned support in London five days ago and left a message but nothing happened. Then I phoned three days ago and spoke to a lady who said she would immediately give me two weeks’ subscription. But nothing happened. She did say I could cancel everything and get a new subscription, but how do I do that? I can’t see how to cancel my subscription.

It’s really annoying not being able to get any help on this issue! Many thanks for any advice.


Oh, sorry, I had to log out on the app and log in again and then it worked! But I had no idea about that. Apologies for wasting people’s time.