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Why do i get redirected to the login page?

When i’m studying on the website on my laptop. I get redirected, after 5/6 minutes, to the login page. Then i log in again and it says my user name and password are incorrect. After refreshing the page i can login again, but then after 5/6 minutes i get redirected again. Which means i can’t study longer than a couple of minutes. Even though i have a premium subscription. What’s going on? Anybody else had this happen?


This happens to me when I switch between the old and new interfaces sometimes, and also sometimes when I try to log in using my phone and my laptop at the same time. Usually if I refresh a few times, it resolves.

Maybe try using a different browser? Or clearing your browser cache?

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Yes. I’m having the same problems. For some reason I haven’t been to find a solution that works. I sent a msg to the help desk but I haven’t received a reply. Have you had any luck getting pass this?

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Me too would like this resolved as just paid for a membership


you can use different browser or refresh it for few times maybe it can work.

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@starren0342 @ollenlandrum35 I wouldn’t hold out on getting a response from an actual ChinesePod staff member.

I’ve been a paid member for a few years now, and I’ve regularly encountered this issue the entire time I’ve been a paid member. When I’ve reported it, I haven’t ever gotten a response.

We may just be stuck with the work arounds I suggested above :frowning:

Dear bapkate!,
We apologize for any previous delay in our response. We are committed to providing excellent service and addressing your concerns promptly. Please share your problem here or email our Customer Service Department at for assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your support. Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve our customer support experience.

Hi there, @atif43 . I think it would be best if someone from ChinesePod could post an update in a place where everyone can easily see it. This update should include an acknowledgement of the lack of new content, especially the lack of new content on this website. This update should clearly state when users can expect to see new content published on this site. Remember that people pay for membership not only to access archived content, but also because they expect to receive new content as well.

It would be ideal if this update would include an apology and explanation for the lack of new content. I understand if some details can’t be shared, but transparency would go a long way towards rebuilding trust.