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Why do so many questions in comments go unanswered?

So often there are valid questions(not tangential, off topic or very obscure) in the comments section of the podcast that go completely unanswered. This is not a complaint on the current team, but rather from the older podcasts as well. The hosts encourage people to ask questions and then blank them! It seems rude and unprofessional.

Hello, so sorry to hear that from you. I have never met that problem ,I always ask the questions on webist or youtube ,even here , they will response to me very fast,very professional team I think, where do you leave your questions? then they can help you to check what the problem is.

None of them are my questions. They are from other users. Next time I come across one, I’ll post the link here.

Hi FengZhe,

I apologize that you don’t feel that we’re interacting with students in the lesson comments. Sometimes we do miss some comments in the old lessons, but we really appreciate all of your feedback and questions. Please let us know when you encounter them!

Heres an example, the last comment in this thread:

Yes, there is no reply for that comment.

Hi there,

Thank you for pointing it out. But as you can see that message is left on June 10, 2014. And I think it’s because of the business transformation in ChinesePod, there’s a period that few videos are uploaded and few messages are replied. And we sincerely apologize for that. But, so far, we put more emphasis on the users we have right now. So, we try our best to make the website better, to make the customer service better, and, of course, to make our videos better. In the end, thank you again for your feedback.