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Will Chinese Pod make any more series and what?


I found my favorite lessons were by far the series like Lao Wang’s office, love triangle and Detective Li and I really want to see CP do more things like this.

I am going into upper intermediate now and plan to get to advanced in about a year and by that time want to fully convert to watching Chinese TV.

I thought the Detective Li series was great for this, gives you the vocab to go and watch a show about police, investigation, murder, etc and be able to follow along a lot better. Also, it pans out for over nine lessons, giving tons of vocab and the listener the chance to hear words from previous lessons in different contexts. I think this has a lot of potential for helping people dive straight into watching different genres of Chinese TV shows and having adequate knowledge and vocab to cope with it. However, I think there could be more series made covering different topics.

I would like to know if other users as well as CP have any interests in this and what topics you’d like to see?. Here are three ideas that i think would be useful and interesting, a student attending school - useful vocab and knowledge for the 1000s of ESL teachers in China; a Chinese emperor - useful for all the period dramas on Chinese TV; and a mafia boss - useful for knowledge about crime in China.

P.S. if these shows already exist on Chinese Pod and I missed them 不好意思!


Wow! Those sound like great series. I did not know they existed. I am new to Chinese Pod (mostly intermediate, but I skip around upper intermediate and advanced when an interesting title strikes me). Thanks for mentioning these courses.


I knew about some of the different series but didn’t know about the detective Li one, I wool have to check it out.


It’s upper Intermediate


Ah, that’s probably why I didn’t see it, I was only listening to the intermediate and below at that time.


I enjoyed lesson series as well - would like to see some more!