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Your cancel recurring billing process is SCARY!

I just wanted to comment on the cancel recurring billing process on Chinesepod.

I hate recurring payments, so I always cancel them. The settings on your website are quite scary. The first time I used it , I thought this was going to delete my account forever. First you get a prompt showing you a huge “小心” with below a big “Take me home” and further below and a tiny “continue”. It made me feel I was entering a danger zone. Then I was thanked for using Chinesepod and I was wished goodbye. If I pay for a yearly subscription and cancel recurring billing on day one, it feels really inappropriate to be wished goodbye and receive an email from Chinesepod saying: “Sorry to see you go”.

Seriously, a simple confirmation prompt like “Do you really want to cancel your recurring billing?” would do. But if the goal of Chinesepod is indeed to scare users away from canceling their recurring billing, then it’s working perfectly.

Lastly, I was asked the reason for my canceling. I think it’s a good idea to allow people to express their reason behind their decision to cancel, however, in my case I didn’t really know what to choose, since I love everything about Chinespod, I just don’t like recurring payments.

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I can understand how this would be confusing. You wanted to purchase a year’s subscription but don’t want it to be renewed after the year in the event that you forget to cancel it. I would think that when you cancel your re-occuring payments it shouldn’t cancel your current access until the membership you payed for runs out. Perhaps @HelloChinesePod or @GwilymJames can provide some clarification on this matter.

You can check all of this information on our support page here.

If you cancel your recurring plan, you still have access until the day that it is set to renew.