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Youtube channel?


Hey there!
Do you have any youtube channel in order to learn chinese? As lesson but im more interesting in vlog but can’t find with subtitle or pinyin…
I have some already as:
Crazy fresh chinese
Hello catie
Jessica beauty
Krysti naaa
Laura yang
Mandarin cornr (my favorite and some time she has a walk and speak with people as a vlog woth pinyin translation, really nice!!)
Oh emma
Rainie tian
Regina knows
Vicky soupsss

A lot of lifestyle beauty vlog but just to listen chinese and do something else, thats fine. Sometimes it is quiet interesting… but beauty…
anyway if you have some advice!


Thanks for the recommendations!

Some of the lifestyle vlogs I follow are : EmmaXue TV, Melody Blur, & ShenLimTV

A good sketch comedy channel is: TMD Shanghai

I also started listening to Mandarin-speakers teaching English, such as: 阿滴英文


You didn’t mention ChinesePod TV or MandarinMadeEZ (though the latter may be redundant now as all fresh content may be from CPod and the former may not really be of interest to people already subscribed to CPod).
Another suggestion:
LIT 我的海漂时代