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Youtube lessons

There are lessons on youtube that are not on here, such as the jokes series or chengyu stories with nico. When will these be added to the website?

You should not expect anything new to be added to the web site. You can see from recent posts here that ChinesePod has stopped answering such questions. You can still pay for access to (most of) the previously produced content or enjoy a random selection of old content trickled onto YouTube, Spotify, or iTunes podcasts, along with ads for “subscriptions” but the last time “subscribers” got a new lesson was June 9, 2022. At the moment pricing remains unchanged despite the cessation of new content.

I should note that although ChinesePod’s Becca Chu has mysteriously vanished from the Forum, she continues to respond to users’ questions and comments within lessons, so in that sense at least there is some new “content”, but it would be virtually invisible to most users unless they chanced across the specific lesson in question.