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Anki Flashcards (with audio)

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: Is there a way you suggest getting your sentences with the audio recordings into anki so that I can practice them as flashcards?

Thanks, and that would be a huge help!


Please see the links below to see how another user has put CPod sentences into anki:

Sorry, but the link you posted doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please repost the link?

Here is what MisterXia who has done this with great success wrote originally about how he did it:
“I came up with this: Audio flashcards in Anki , using the downloadable MP3 files in the Chinesepod expansion sentences. I select sentences that are not too hard, but contain at least one challenging word. Then I download the audio file and put it into the backside, along with Hanzi and Pinyin. For the front of the card, I just record myself saying the English translation.”

That was in April of 2018. One year later he wrote the following:

"This quoted post of mine was from April 2018, where I wrote about experimenting with audio flashcards. Well I kept on doing that. By now, I have gone further:

  1. Bought the IOS-App: It’s worth it
  2. Created a total of 5220 audio-flashcards
  3. As Cpods phrases are much too long, I started cutting the mp三s to only tell me the part that I want to focus on (not very often though)

I have to say: No method ever boosted my Chinese like this and I have been studying this language since 2002, using it almost daily at work since 2007.

I stick with my opinion: Having Cpod introducing some way of providing audio flashcards, including those with short snippets (rather than long sentences) of vocab in context would make this platform 100 times stronger.

Even just providing all vocab of a lesson as a downloadable anki file would make me jump for joy so high that I would probably crash into a satellite…
That would be: all the vocab plus 2-3 examples per word for each lesson. Users could download the file, import them into Anki, delete whatever they don’t need and then go for it.

For now, I keep on recording my own stuff. It is a lot of work, but in my opinion definitely worth it."

Hello Podters.

Thanks for sharing the MisterXia’s post.

I fully agree with that suggestion, if chinesepod provide a way to easily download the lessons into anki, it would be awesome.