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Anyone seen the comedy-sketch videos from 'Mamahuhu'? I recommend them!

I recently discovered them and can’t stop watching! Really funny. They’re a comedy group made up of expats and locals based in Shanghai and make satirical videos based around Western/Chinese cultural differences. I’ve had a good laugh as well as learning more Mandarin along the way! I recommend checking them out. (You’ll need a VPN if you’re in China).

Some of my favourites:


Nice suggestion!! Xie xie ni Emma. Mamahuhu is great! :smiley:

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Good stuff。 Funny, Very relate-able to anyone who has lived in Chinese communitiies overseas (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore)

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My god… I never had a good laugh for such a long time!! I’m so gratefull to found your post! Mamahuhu is not only cleverly funny… I actually learn alot from them :joy: