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I am an advanced learner, why are there only newbie lessons lately!


i am an advanced learner, why are there only newbie lessons lately! Id like a partial refund for this year. I am not receiving any new content and dont know what i have paid for. It was a great resource the first year but very disappointed lately.


Because the ChinesePod team believes that customers are a bunch of schmucks that should have sympathy on them, since they are in a period of ‘transition’ (they refuse to concede any wrongdoing).

Here is what former employees had to say about management and the company:

Might give some insight into the ability of the team to handle this particular issue and the reliability of management to provide the services we paid for.

Also, a quick note to the ChinesePod team, please don’t respond to the above message by saying, “we were hoping that our extensive library of content would be enough to satisfy your learning needs.” We have heard enough of your pathetic, laughable excuses.


Chinese pod…why have i not received a reply yet?


I personally am wondering why there have been no Media lessons since 2014. I’d like to see those back.


There are two reason why media lessons were discontinued:

  1. A view that highly topical lessons lose relevance over time.
  2. Copyright issues.


I used to love ChinesePod, now it is a total wast of time and money.


really interesting to read it… Even if we never heard anything from the management and the company who is behind, i’m really not surprised.


I would suggest that you contact the company directly instead of posting on a user forum. See the “contact” link at the bottom of the page on the main site. Good luck!


your link doesn’t appear to work.


sorry, but it was juste the one from cathaldonnellan