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Where are the advanced learners?

Hi all. Just wondering.

I know that each set of teachers creates different lessons and some of the levels are different.

I know many people are using the library, to supplement the new content because there are not a lot of real intermediate or advanced lessons.

I have been playing in 2010 for a while and just curious if the people that comment are still on? Are others working on a specific set?

Also wondering if the forum is still active, given it is a part of the old dashboard


The forum is definitely active, and you’re welcome to post on the forum if you have any academic questions or suggestions!
In terms of advanced lessons, we have a two-episode series coming up. We are going to analyze and explain a popular essay called 差不多先生 which is set in 1910s. If you are into Chinese classical literature, don’t miss it!
Do you have any lesson suggestions for advanced level? We’d love to hear about it!


The forum is accessible through both the new and old dashboards. Maybe you are thinking of the lesson comments, which are not available in the new dashboard. In the old dashboard the lesson comments are buried under the “More” menu. In an earlier version of the web site from years ago the lesson comments in reverse chronological order was on the home page. That is probably why in those days there was a very active community of users discussing the lesson contents and discovering new things. (Plus lots of off topic comments, humor, debate, etc.) If you are studying one of the older lessons (maybe 2006 ~ 2010 time period) it is definitely worth scrolling all the way to to bottom of the lesson comments to see if there are some useful language notes and replies to questions from both users and ChinesePod staff in there.

Thanks all. Yes. I am going through a playlist and in some old lessons. I see that some people from later years still made comments and it looks like many students made a comment on each lesson.

I am just kind of wondering about the community. How many people are at each level and if they are following some of the topics lessons.

I am loving the mando pop; literature, current events. Honestly, there was a series of poems and although I understood the listed translation, I felt like I was probably missing a deeper meaning.

I just find it interesting to have some interaction.

The literature sounds really good. I look forward to hearing it.

Hello, I hope it’s not too late. Almost all learning platforms are more geared towards beginners. Besides, everyone learns at different speeds. For me, the right idea would be to introduce something like chinese class (as on other platforms) to sort students according to their ability level. That sounds like one of the best options for me. But it would be hard to implement.

Have you tried the level test on ChinesePod? I have not so I don’t know how well it does at directing you to the optimum level, but probably worth a try. In my own experience as a user and observing the founding theory behind ChinesePod of top-down organic learning I found it more useful to focus on topics that interested me, regardless of whether they were slightly above or slightly below my level. This both increased my motivation and improved the odds that what I had learnt would stick.