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I have no idea what to do with a vocabulary deck

I added a few lessons to the vocabulary decks and was hoping to use them to practice. But having looked at it this morning I have no idea how to use this feature.

I was intuitively expecting that there would be some revision element eg. I see a word in Mandarin and need to translate it, or vice versa and then see a scrore and gradually zero in on vocabulary I don’t know that well.

But this just seems to be a list of words that I can already see in the lesson with no features.

It alse takes absolute ages to load each deck. The play button seems to do absolutely nothing either and I have no idea how the stats at the top work.

Is there any video to help with this or is this just a half finished feature?


The main feature of the vocabulary decks is that you can review them in the form of flashcards.

You can test how well you remember the phrases in your sets and the ones that find difficult will appear repeatedly until you master them:


You can also customize your settings and choose your own prompts including characters, English translation, pinyin:

However, a user has notified me that it seems that the review function is not working properly, so that’s probably why you couldn’t access it. I forwarded the issue to our tech support and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

You can find out more information of flashcard here in this forum post: Using Flashcards?

I hope this is helpful!


Than you for the reponse Rebecca. Would you know where we can follow any updates on this issue being fixed?

I’ve tested with MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox and on none of them the flashcards seem to be working.


The problem has been fixed. The review vocabulary page and flashcards should be working!
Let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.