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Using Flashcards?

Hi Rebecca

No, I hadn’t noticed that either! Thanks!

This is so close to doing the job. I see it is available from your own Vocabulary. But it is only possible to copy and paste each word individually! If you could Select All, Shift Select etc all or a number of words in your list, and then once off copy them all to the clipboard, this would instantly get us 95% there.



You are welcome, and no worries; indeed the plus sign is something new.

Hi Chris,

We also just added Import / Export options for Vocabulary and Deck Vocabulary

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 12.50.36 PM

These should let you import / export vocabulary to / from vocabulary decks directly.

Obviously, we’re still testing these out, so let us know if you run into any issues.

Thanks, that is great! This is really welcome.
Testing it out on my vocabulary list is has worked absolutely fine.
Nice step forward!

PS: There is also a plus sign for the entire sentence to the right of each sentence under the dialogue tab. You can now add sentences as well as individual words to your flash cards.

Hey podster!

Yeah, so currently there are a few things you can ‘collect’ for your vocab - some old, some new.

  • An entire sentence from the Dialogue, Expansion, or Grammar tab.
  • A phrase from a sentence from the Dialogue, Expansion, or Grammar tab.
  • A phrase from the Vocabulary section.
  • All phrases from the Vocabulary section at once.

We’re also currently working on ways to make our flashcards more useful - we’re rolling out support for English recordings today.

And we’re looking at the different combination options we want to add to the current Settings - including an initial audio prompt in English (similar to what currently is done in Chinese).

Also - we’re super open to any comments and suggestions to expand these features even further. :grin:

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Hi all,

Just wanted to add to this with our latest release - options to get an alternative English audio cue.

Kapture 2020-12-03 at 15.46.42

If you enable the option to read the Chinese audio cue on revealing the definition - you can use our flashcards as a full audio experience - front and back.

Hi there, I tried importing csv files with unicode encoding but the csv does not hold the format of the characters. Also if you can provide more information…it would be most helpful.

Hi! Yeah, I saw a few cases when saving vocabulary to CSV on a Windows machine. Can you paste an example of what it looks like if you open the CSV file in a text editor?

FYI if anyone is struggling with opening the sample CSV we posted with the Chinese characters intact, make sure you’re importing the file with UTF-8 encoding - the default Excel settings (double click on the file, for example) are not meant for non-English text.

Older article about it:

No, rozkalns…you misunderstood me.

I am referring to preparing a file in csv for importing into ChinesePod.!! I have a file in EXCEL (see image )
HSK in Excel|416x107
When I save it as csv in Unicode UTF-8, it turns out like this ( see image )
HSK in csv|367x287

Is there a way, I could print those flashcards? What program should I use?

Hi Lola,

You can export your vocabulary decks by clicking on “export” on the vocabulary page. An excel sheet with Chinese characters, translation, and pinyin will be downloaded.

If you would like to print them in the form of flashcards, you can organize your vocabulary list in other flashcard websites such as Anki ( or Quizlet (

Hope this helps!


Great! Thank you :blush:

Hello does this vocabulary trainer also show me the vocabs I knew later on again? Or does it show them only once and never again?

Hello Markus,

Yes the system would still show the vocabulary again even if you consider it as “easy”!

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

i mean you can know a word once or several times even but maybe forgot it after 3 weeks. So there is a real thought out system behind to show me the cards always after a longer time to really bring them into the long term memory right? I am asking cause I am using Pleco that has that but it would be good if I can switch completely to Chinese Pod for learning the vocabs.

i can imagine that once i added a lot of vocabulary with a deck for each lesson this dropdown would be not good because the button is at the end:

i think it should rather be at the top

Hi Markus,

Thank you for your explanation. I believe you can review the selected deck of vocabulary repeatedly with no limitation but the system doesn’t particularly select words that you studied a long time ago. In other words, each word in your vocabulary deck gets an equal chance of appearing in the flashcards. I hope this is clear. Thank you for your feedback on the button in the dropdown menu. We’ll see what we can do!

If you have any academic questions, you can reach me directly at!


so you mean the system doenst consider that i set “easy” many times for the words I learned and shows me them anyway like all other words?