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你好!这是我第一次用chinesepod. 我是一个英国人,来自中国七年. 我觉得我的中文还不够好. 大部分的朋友们也是外国人,所以我太少了说中文.

明年我要去大学学习中文. 现在开始学习!

hello good morning how are you

你喜欢的话,我们可以 get in touch…:blush:

你好Joseph, 我在深圳在学习中文,可以认识你吗。。。

Cool. Nice to meet you.

I understand what you are saying about being surrounded by a circle of friends who only speak English, even though you are living in China.

It’s time to start making some new friends, non-English speaking, outside of that circle as well.

Living in China, there are many opportunities to practice your Chinese if you only open yourself up to them. One way to meet Chinese-speaking friends is to simply go to coffee shops, restaurants, or other places you feel comfortable, and say “你好我叫。。。“ to locals who smile at you. There are so many Chinese speakers that don’t speak English who would be very happy to make friends with foreigners. In no time at all you will find yourself with an additional circle of friends to practice your Chinese with on a daily basis.