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New Android App (V1) LIVE on Google Play

##We have released an updated version of our Android app and it’s now live on the Google Play Store.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new app.

We are already busy improving this new version, so expect some big improvements in the coming months.

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@Matt_T Thank you very much for your rating and feedback on Google Play for our new Android app :wink:

@Armel @GwilymJames My pleasure, thanks for including me in the testing process. It was fun to get to try out and help improve the app early, even if there were some bugs.

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The sound files download quickly. Actually, I am not sure that they do download because, if I click the ‘downloaded only’ button, I get the ‘Lesson data is not available.’ message for every category, even though I have listened to many of the lessons on my Samsung phone previously.
The black-on-red text has disappeared.
Font size can be increased. The problem here is that if the size of the characters is increased, the size of the pinyin and translation is unnecessarily large.
The translation can be seen for the whole dialogue or all the expansion sentences at the same time.
Negative points:
The word-by-word breakdown of sentences doesn’t seem to be available.
All the sound files for a lesson cannot be downloaded at once.
Questions: Can the app be used if I am out of range of my internet connection?
Is the ability to record my speaking and to get an accuracy rating going to return?
Are the flashcards of my saved vocabulary available?
Is this app meant to replace the old one, or is it a faster one to use when I have internet access?

The audio files stream which means they play a lot quicker. If you want to download the audio file onto your device, you need to touch the 3 dot menu and click download. That way you can listen on airport mode.

I’m not sure I understand.

We will try and improve this so that only the Chinese gets larger (or the english gets capped at say size 20.

We’re looking to add this in a later version.

Just click the 3 dot menu and click download to save audio to your device. The text should cache but the vocab/sentence audio files don’t download (currently).

This function was not very highly used, and added unnecessary complication. We might work on finding a new partner to bring something like this in future versions.

You can study the flashcards on our separate Decks app on Google Play

Yes, this app is still only on version 0.5 (compared to the old app (v3.93) but we’re hoping that in the next few versions it will vastly supersede the old app. That being said, you will still be able to download the app directly from us if you really prefer the older one.

Thanks for your feedback @dorothycowling

When it will be available for iOS??? :blush:

@GwilymJames said the app has already been submitted to the app store and it pending the approval process. Usually that takes at least two weeks so hopefully it will be available in the next week or two would be my guess.

I couldn’t log in. The first time I thought it was just bad timing, but it’s been a while now and I still get the same message. When I try to connect it shows: “can not connect to server! please try again.”

Should I use a different user/password?

@danielpioner I received this message a couple times and found that I had to exit and complete close the app from the multi-tasking and then re-open the app normally before I was able to get it to connect. I’m not sure if you already tried this but it’s what worked for me.

Thanks Gwilym for your reply. I am glad to hear that the sentence breakdown will re-appear and that we will be able to get the characters to appear larger without enlarging the latin script.

I did find the three dots and worked out how to download. Thanks.

The black-on-red text was used for one of the speakers in the old app. It’s hard to read so I am glad it has gone.

It looks as though this app will be overall far superior to the old one!

How do I add more cards to the decks app?

we’re having a few issues with our server these past two days (on website and app) so it’s possible that you tried to access the app when our server was down. We’re hard at work trying to find the problem, but have a go logging in again and it should work.

Thank you for your answer and sorry, I didn’t see that it was already submit ^^

Really impatient to see this update! I’m waiting it since few month :smiley:

Yeah that red and black text was a bad choice, although we’re still working on a better way to show the dialogue because the all white page is not as easy to read.

At the moment, until we have a better integration of saving words to decks, the only way to add new items is via the web, (or on the old app).

Still waiting on Apple i’m afraid. They’re very picky :smile:

It worked. 谢谢! Really cool app.

Just two questions:
a) is it possible to stream the video lessons (like Qing Wen videos)? It shows only the audio lesson as an option;
b) Additionally, should I choose to download a lesson what am I downloading exactly?.

Tks again!

I really like the “eye” button that let’s you quickly toggle between Chinese only and Chinese + Pinyin + Translation. However, in the next version, it needs to stay locked somewhere to the UI. Currently if you scroll the dialogue, the eye button scrolls off the screen and the user loses this functionality.

I think someone mentions it above, but I’d also like to see individual characters/words defined in some manner when needed by either tapping on the word or a full sentence breakdown as was done in the old app.

All in all, though, huge improvement over where they left the old app. Read your bio’s. Great to see so many with a UX focus on your team! It shows in what you are doing. Keep it up.

In Google Play under the ChinesePod logo it says “Designed for phones” . . . does that mean another version for tablets is forthcoming?

Does it say that on the phone app store? I can’t see it on the website.

The app works on Android tablets, but we will be working on optimizing it for bigger screens in the coming months to make the most out of the larger screen size. I think it could be used in some cool ways.

I went to Google Play from my Android tablet and found the new CPod app. The description specifically says “Designed for phones.” I have not tried it out yet. How’s the documentation?

Fantastic app! This version looks far better than the old one.

Two things - right now you can only show/hide all translations, instead of being able to tap a single sentence in the dialogue or the expansion. I hope that feature comes back, especially since as mentioned above, the eye tends to scroll off the screen, making it inconvenient to get a quick look at Pinyin/English for a specific sentence.

The other thing - will you guys be keeping the blocks of lessons i.e. Daiily Life 1-4? I don’t see those in the new app. I am very happy that everything is much easier to see separated by level, though. Good work!