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Premium access disappeared mid-year from my account

I have written several emails to but got no response, so I am reposting here:

I paid in June 2020 for 1 full year of premium access, but since a few weeks ago my online account says it is on the “free” subscription level.
Could someone please finally address this and reinstate my subscription?
I am getting increasingly annoyed at not being able to access what I paid for (understandably, I would hope).

Many thanks,

Hi Philippe,

I’m sorry to hear about this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience. I have forwarded this problem to our student relation team representative, Paris, and she will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and thank you for bringing this to my attention.


the same thing happened to me, can you please check out my account as well?

this is an ongoing issue, almost every year there is some kind of issue with access. it’s really frustrating.


Yes I will also forward this issue to Paris too. You can expect her email soon. Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the inconvenience.

it’s been a week and i haven’t heard anything.

i can’t cancel my membership, because i’m already paid through the year. i can’t use my membership, because you guys respond so slowly. why would anyone sign up for this?

if you don’t intend on helping me access the site or even responding to any of my requests for support, can you at least tell me how to get my money back for the year i paid in advance???

Thank you - I am still waiting to receive an email from Paris though.
When can I expect this to be resolved?


I’m so sorry for the late response, I have followed up on this issue with Paris and I’ll update you as soon as I get a reply. In the meantime, can you let me know if your subscription status is free on both new dashboard and old dashboard? Also, have you tried logging out and in?



I followed up on your issue with Paris as well and I hope that she can contact you by the end of the week. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you let me know if you have trouble accessing the content on both the old and the new dashboard? Have you logged out and back in?