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PSA: If your Pinyin Keyboard on Android 8.0 stopped auto-correcting

大家好中文同學! (I hope that’s grammatically correct… lol)

If you own an Android device and if/when you upgrade to Android 8/O:

If you run into any problems with the Pinyin keyboard, their Zhuyin keyboard (available on the Google Play store) also has a Pinyin keyboard. It makes me think they’ll just merge the two into a single app.

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Thanks for the tip. I upgraded to the final developer preview of 8 last night and noticed that swipe input for EN has gone, as well as the predictions/corrections.

The Zhuyin one works well, and actually has more options (plus simplified Chinese option).

Be sure to submit your findings to Google so they can fix it

No problem. And I definitely made sure to send the report to Google.

jayporta1Aug 11
大家好中文同學! (I hope that’s grammatically correct… lol)

To answer the above:

大家好! or 中文同學好!

I use an Apple iPad so have no comment on the other query in your post.



Pingtung, Taiwan