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Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: What happened to the quizzes at the end of each lesson? I have not used the site in awhile, but seem to remember there used to be a quiz or test at the end of each lesson built into the software. I cant find that feature now. What happened to it?

Hi there,

There’s a tab named “exercise” which might be what you need.

e.g. New Dashboard

e.g. Old Dashboard

If you still can’t find it or cant’ use it, feel free to leave your problems and the dashboard that you are using now here. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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Thank you for the quick reply. I am browsing on an iPad using the Chinese Pod APP. I see no such tab. Take a look at this


Hi there,

We are sorry that users can only see the exercise tab on the website, instead of our APP. So far, if you want to practice, please go to our website.