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Using Flashcards?

That’s great, thanks for the info!
Is there a major difference between the ‘forgot’ and the ‘hard’ button?

I am also really advocating for a ‘delete’ button. Cause after a while, having lots of cards added already, one may want to delete certain cards. And going back to the vocab list all the time, specifically looking for a flashcard to delete it is quite time consuming.

Hi Halifax,

I hope the following illustrations would shed some light on your question. First one shows how “forgot”, “hard”, and “easy” correspond to the difficulty level to recall the phrase.

Depending on where the phrase stands in your reviewing cycle (new phrase, recent phrase, well-known phrase), the behavior of the system changes in terms of the frequency and schedule of the cards, as seen in the following illustrations. Please note that the times are only for your reference and they are not exact.

Thank you for the suggestion on the delete button! It seems that continually pressing easy on the cards that you would like to delete might be a temporary solution to your problem. There is also a chance that one might forget the easy phrases after a couple of months, in that case reviewing them after a long time could be very helpful. Please do let us know if you still find the “easy” cards coming back repeatedly to the degree that you want to delete them altogether.



wow! that is great! why didn’t you put it in the information page of the flashcard feature?

How do the different card combinations relate to this? Lets say, regarding one single flashcard, I find the ‘audio to Chinese character combination’ easier than the ‘Chinese character to English translation combination’. And I click easy on the first and hard later on the other. Will both count as either hard or easy then? Because I have never seen that combinations of the same flashcards are split up between two different review sessions.
(hope you understand what I am saying, its not easy to express this :smiley:)

The delete button definitely would for sure not be used as often as the other three. You are completely right, most of the flashcards I would want to come back in a future session eventually, even if it is weeks from now. And I think the way it works right now is already pretty good. However, if there actually is a situation in which I really would like to delete a card because I grew tired of it, then its just a bit of stretch to go through my entire list, just to find it and delete it. Especially if I already have quite a few cards saved up. In this case it would be easier to delete the card on the spot when I encounter it in a review session.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your efforts!!

Hello Halifax,

That’s a good question! To put it simply, if you click on different difficulty levels for the same vocabulary, the system takes the lowest level (from low to high: forgot-hard-easy). So if you click on “hard” and “forgot” based on different prompts on the same card, the system is going to assume that you forgot its meaning.

Thank you for so many good questions, I’m sure our discussion of the flashcard feature is very helpful for other learners! If you have more suggestions, keep them coming!


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if you press 10 times “easy” and it takes 6 months till it comes back thats also OK and better than delete I think because after 6 months you might have forgotten it and if not then you click yes and it maybe takes 1 year till it comes again.

this is exactly what was needed. its good that this system is behind it because it means that this vocabulary learning system can be used now. in the past it was not useable as it always just showed you the same cards with no system behind.