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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Guys, I need autoplay! (3)
New Dashboard: What Features would users like? ( 2 3 ) (41)
One tiny little thing (Next lesson suggestions on the left side) (4)
Apple CarPlay Integration (2)
Need a "Move to existing deck" function (1)
Please upgrade Dialogue tab: Pinyin/Translation toggle from 2 way to 3 way mode (3)
Website Updates: Floating Video/Audio Player and more (10)
Allow a setting option for larger fonts in dialogue and expansion pages - app especially (5)
Improve replay speed adjust on website to a slider like used in App (2)
Is there a hot key to pause/play audio on the site? (3)
Could we have a Dialogue Review Play Option (for speaking practice) (1)
Enhance the Dialog and Extension Sentences Sections with playback speed control and self record repeat (1)
Hide pinyin, but show tones (1)
Similar sounding words section (2)
Saving sentences as flashcards (2)
About flashcards and HSK (2)
Have a "Completed" sign marking the lessons that you have completed studying (4)