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Lesson Suggestion

How about some lessons about Taiji (shuo1 yi1 ge Taiji lao3shi1). You could include movements, principals, etc (2)
冲浪 Chōng Làng: Surfing! The ocean, whales, seals and surfing vocab (4)
Bladerunner 2049 (1)
Buying Fish : 台北魚市 (1)
Working with an ayi (2)
Useful gym vocab (1)
How to host a delegation (2)
Use of Interjections: 哎哟, 欸, 哇, 嘛,嗯, 噢 etc (3)
X-Ray Security Machines (1)
Buying Live Fish! (1)
Craft beer (fifteen character padding) (1)
Fashion, favorite brands , catwalks,designers (1)
Fine Jewellery .Luxury pièce of art (1)
"instead" and "rather than" (1)
Pop Songs for Lessons? (8)
Little fresh meat (1)
Translations of "check" (1)
How about reading stories featuring animals? (4)
Earthquakes in Taiwan (2)
Gym terminology (2)
制陶,陶器。pottery lesson. ceramics (2)
Please do a lesson on 对 (2)
Exclamation meanings (1)
Teaching Primary School Children (1)
被 and 把 - Active and Passive particles (3)
How things "work" (3)
Looking for more substantive upper intermediate content (2)
Thirds tones in longer series (1)
Qing Wen request: 何尝 (2)
Describing emotions/feelings (1)