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Introduce Yourself 自我介绍

Hello, I'm Erick (1)
Hi everyone I'm Sébastien aka 王伟 (1)
Hallo, mein Name ist Robin (2)
I'm Ragnar, a self-taught Chinese n00b from Iceland (6)
Zi Ji Jie Shao Wo Bu Pa Shuo Cuo (1)
大家好!我叫Joseph,来自英国 (5)
大家好!同學好!很高興來chinese pod! (5)
Just to say you guys are awesome and thank you (2)
Greetings from sunny Miami Beach (1)
Bonjour à tous! 大家好! (1)
很高兴学 中文。 你们是那国根? (2)
Hi am Duane from the USA and I am living in Guangzhou China (2)
Hello to all you guys! (2)
你好。我叫Simon。 我是英国人。 (1)
我是新來的。I am Nina 請大家多多指教 (1)
我想介绍自己一下,我的名字是安睿曈。。。 (1)
你好 你们, 我 Fabio, 巴西人 (1)
Heyy everyone! 我叫 Sebastian (2)
Swedish newbie saying hi (1)
Old/new guy here (2)
My Introduction (2)
Intro - Old membership, always a newbie (13)
ChinesePod Helped Me Write an Important Speech (1)
Hi everybody let me introduce myself (2)
Introducing myself (4)
Hello everyone(my name is Gabriel) (4)
Hi! I am a native speaker (1)
Hello everyone,I'm here! (1)
My turn to say hi! 我叫 John (6)
老马(Mark)向大家自我介绍 (2)